29 June 2016, Rotterdam, 3PM @IABR: Playfully hacking the water system, a game about water as urban resource

How can play and games be used for leveraging the “smartness” of citizens to address complex issues that our cities are facing? How can play and games be used to define new collective values around water as a “common pool resource”? On June 29 we will conduct a playsession of our watergame at the International Architecture Biennial in Rotterdam.

Serious gaming tools are being used more and more often in urban planning and city development practices. During this workshop we will find out whether the current water system is “hackable” with the help of a game. What alternative values does water in the city have, such as cultural, ecological or circular values, and what practices can be developed around these? In the safe environment of a game, difficult topics such as water shortage and pollution can be discussed and experimented with. This can lead to new ideas and inspiration and new ways to see through and understand complex systems. 

Hackable Cityplot not only presents a particular process of citymaking, but lets the IABR be a reason to perpetuate the ‘lessons learned’. With a series of debates, workshops and mini-symposia next iteration will be proposed, undertaking an ongoing learning process.

This game can be played by a maximum of eight players and takes 1,5 hours

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