May 30 – June 1: Shenzhen visit

From May 30th to June 1st The Hackable City and Maaike Behm from STUDIONINEDOTS visited Shenzhen, where our local partner Tat Lam from Shanzai City and Future Plus Institute helped us to create a program with visits, workshops and a symposium. Shanzhai City’s mission is to shift towards a market where the impacts of social, economic, and environmental considerations are at the core of better business decisions. Future Plus is an institute for innovative education, teaching practice and research. Improving the ability to effectively solve problems to create the future leaders of innovative thinking.

the visit centered around two main locations:

  • Huaqiangbei, an emergent urban marketplace and makerspace
  • Baishizhou Urban Village, grassroots urbanism

In visiting these locations and discussing with project representatives, we wanted to compare and explore fundamental similarities, learn from the experiences in Shenzhen and see in what way institutions are welcoming or even helping these initiatives forward. In particular we are interested in learning how new urban constellations such as business districts or urban villages can emerge from the many interactions between individual actors, and what role both policy makers and the practice of design can play in this process.

A report of our visit will follow soon.

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