25 May 2016, Rotterdam, 11AM @IABR: Hackable Cityplot Meet up, Blank Spots

On May 25th, in an open and informal setting we will discuss with stakeholders the intentions to develop Buiksloterham into a truly resilient district. We want to discuss scenarios for circularity, policy, finance, development models and their spatial translation, updating the circular planning and design for the empty locations in an adaptive and flexible manner.

The central question is whether and how the initiated direction for development can be continued? We will talk about the influences that can be used inside and outside of Buiksloterham in order to deploy them in the future. Moreover, we discuss these issues in the context of the proposed acceleration of housing production in Amsterdam.

Hackable Cityplot not only presents a particular process of citymaking, but lets the IABR be a reason to perpetuate the ‘lessons learned’. With a series of debates, workshops and mini-symposia next iteration will be proposed, undertaking an ongoing learning process.

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