23 April-10 July 2016, Rotterdam @IABR: The Next Economy

The International Architecture Biennial Rotterdam 2016 examines -THE NEXT ECONOMY – the relationship between spatial design and economic development. Within the event that takes place from April 23rd to July 10th 2016, The Hackable City, Cityplot and Stadslab BSH will present their work in Buiksloterham.

Buiksloterham (BSH) is located next to the NDSM shipyard in hip Amsterdam-Noord. The ‘brownfield’ regeneration of BSH began in the mid ‘naughts’ and is (partly sheltered by the continuing real estate crisis) developed into a “living lab” for experiments with self-building and self-development, circular cities, social design and co-creation, innovation and digital technologies. Within IABR we want to tell the story of this, for the Netherlands unique and possibly exemplary, way to create city within a vigorous society.

In an installation the overall story is told and the research, processes and projects visualized. These experiments, the result of the collision of the chaotic world of the bottom-up with a top-down urban planning, where cooperative co-design processes run in parallel with traditional urban development, are now threatened again. The end of the real estate crisis (and the lack of recognition of the other crises) introduces the risk that the government and the traditional real estate sector will manifest themselves more strongly in the area and will return to the old models taking advantage of the cool atmosphere in BSH and the demand for housing in Amsterdam. The installation sets the agenda for the ‘fools'[1] creating an open city.

Hackable Cityplot

[1] Part of the DNA of BSH can be found within the Festival of Fools that took place at NDSM a few decennia ago.